About Lucky Lou’s American Grill

What is Lucky Lou’s, that’s a good question and the only way to answer that is to get the perspective of one of our younger family members.

Lucky Lou’s is the inspiration of several people who wanted to own and operate a restaurant that they could implement ideas of their own and try and make it a success. Lucky Lou’s is a great place to eat, hangout and meet new people. They attract everyone from horseshoer’s to mountain bikers to family gatherings after a football game.

The food is great and the customer service is too, you can tell they care a lot about the customers because they work so hard. The employees strive to make sure everyone has an enjoyable experience and I know it because I know Lucky Lou’s. There are a lot of cool things about Lucky Lou’s so let me share them with you.

There are many varieties of food at the restaurant from sandwiches to homemade soup or you can try a juicy burger or grilled chicken sandwiches. They have healthy items as well; you might like a Chef salad or maybe a California chicken wrap. The staff works hard and makes this American Grill a delicious place to eat and drink. Have any questions? They will give you the answers and advice on favorites and flavors. From one thing to another, you will love them all.

Another great thing about Lucky Lou’s, is that the service is so good guests turn into regulars who become friends and family to the restaurant. Still, one day you’re a stranger and the next day you have great friends. That’s what the staff is all about and what the guests love about this place. They all get along well and eat great food together. Lucky Lou’s is my top ten and someday it will be yours.

I couldn’t have said it better myself .. so stop by and we’ll treat you to the Lucky Lou’s experience: “HOT FOOD, COLD BEER, AND GREAT SERVICE.”

Pet Friendly 🙂